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Our lens captures the essence of life, revealing the beauty in the everyday and the extraordinary. With an eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Core Tech IT Services, a product photography agency in Mohali, transforms fleeting moments into timeless keepsakes.

What is Product Photography?

The world of technology has initiated a growth process with excellent product photography, as it has become a fundamental component of your brand’s identity and success. This is not just an afterthought; it has become an essential tool that will let people know about your brand, its benefits, and more. High-quality product photography can be a game changer for your business and will add value to your products. It is the process of taking aesthetic photos of different brands’ products in order to showcase people’s variety of products.

It is not possible to perform a product photoshoot on your own because it takes time and a whole lot of arrangements. When you choose a product photoshoot agency, Mohali, it becomes easy for you to be involved in the process of photography with high-quality elements.

Some of the reasons why you should choose a product professional agency are

Robust Impression

Trust and Credibility

Improving SEO

Sharing Brand Insight

Increasing Revenue

Displaying Features

How Our Product Photography Agency in Mohali Does a Photoshoot?

There are different things that are taken care of before performing any professional photoshoot. You can even photoshoot with your iPhone, but you have to consider the various factors that are essential for high-quality photography. The things we consider before initiating our professional photoshoot:

Capturing Moments, Creating Memories

We will set up your background for products so that the focus must be on the right things. It will also simplify the editing process and enhance the quality of your products through our shoot. Setting the background accurately will help in the removal of unidentified objects. Thus, making it easier for people to recognize your products.

Our product photoshoot agency in Mohali has all the equipment for professional photography. Our experts research before initiating any product photoshoot in order to get innovative ideas. With us, displaying products like clothes, toys, or more becomes easy and accessible. 

Setting up the product takes a huge amount of time because if the product setup is not done properly, it will not retain its actual value. We mostly take flat surfaces that will enhance the grace of the products. We also consider the fact that all products cannot be photographed on the plain surface. We take time to do the product setup and then initiate photography so that it looks real.

Core Tech IT Services, the best product photoshoot agency in Chandigarh, takes the help of a tripod so that the camera captures every detail of the product to get the high depth of the field. We set the camera on this tripod so that photos will not lose their actual grace.

We will review under which light the camera is capturing the perfect photos. We use artificial lights or the help of natural light to take a picture, which will have fewer edits. Thus, our team will perform this for your product shoot and create a consistent look for every product.

Core Tech’s Photoshoot Includes

Our product photography agency in Mohali performs a variety of photoshoots, which will extend your company’s growth. Some professional photoshoots from our experts are described below: 


Our experts are specialized in capturing the essence and aesthetics of architectural designs, structures, spaces and more. We encompass a keen eye on the details, compositions, lightning, etc., to create perfect architectural photography.


We do restaurant photography in order to capture the aesthetic ambience, culinary artistry, and overall dining experience of the restaurant. We convey the aim and personality of the restaurant along with detectable dishes.

Product-Based Industry

With Core Tech IT Services, you will be able to get all kinds of product photography, like furniture, tiles, electronic items, and more. We elevate the essence of your product and showcase its value to the customers. We use brand props, models, and even backdrops to enhance the lasting impression of the products.

Car Detailing

The beauty and accuracy of auto detailing work are captured in car detailing pictures. Our main objective is to display how immaculate, cleanliness, shiny, and well-made automobiles are after detailing services. Presenting their work in the best possible way helps automotive firms draw in consumers and demonstrate their competence.

Real estate

Our professional product photography agency in Mohali captures the most trending industry, which is Real Estate. We capture properties for residential and commercial purposes in a realistic manner so that it does not lose its actual essence. We focus on the property’s layout, features, aesthetics, and more in order to help consumers visualize their potential space.

Wrapping Up: Now, as we have briefed you with different factors, why you should go for a professional photoshoot. With Core Tech IT Services, a product photography agency in Mohali, you will get the best and most affordable photography of your products. We will offer tips and perform consistent photoshoots for our clients. Thus, we will create an appealing and compelling brand photoshoot for a successful ecommerce business.   

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