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Our logo design services encompass a wide range of offerings that are tailored to meet your brand’s needs. We design logos with creativity and perfection and undertake current trends in the market. With resounding experience and innumerable recognitions, we hold a premium spot as a foremost online innovative agency that makes brands.

What is a Logo?

A logo refers to an image that represents a company or its products. The function of a logo is to create a memorable and recognizable impression in the minds of consumers. It helps in increasing the credibility of your brand.     

Importance of Logo Designing

Logo Design is an essential area of graphic designing. As the Best Graphic Designing

Company in Chandigarh, we will craft logo designs that are interesting, impressive, and imaginative. Some important needs for logo designing:

First Impression: A well-designed logo frequently serves as the audience’s first point of contact with your business. It makes a lasting and favorable first impression, which might affect how prospective clients see your company.

Brand identity: Your logo serves as a visual reflection of the identity and principles of your company. It captures the character, purpose, and values of your brand. It aids in verbally expressing your message and tale.

Logo Design Company in Mohali

Recognition: Even in a crowded market, a distinctive and distinctive logo may make your business instantly identifiable. It makes it simpler for customers to recognize and remember your brand.

Versatility: A strong logo is adaptive and versatile. It needs to be equally spectacular on a website, a billboard, a business card, or a product label. Your brand will be recognizable thanks to its versatility across different mediums.

Marketing Tool: Your logo has the potential to be an effective marketing tool. It may be utilized to strengthen the message of your brand in promotional materials, social media postings, and advertising campaigns.

Types of logos we craft at Core Tech IT Services

As a top logo designing company in Mohali, we design different types of logos:

Wordmark Logo: The company’s name or initials are written in a distinctive and stylized typeface to create a wordmark logo (logotype). Logos for Google and Coca-Cola are two examples.

Lettermark Logo: Similar to a wordmark logo, a lettermark logo employs just the company’s initials or a single letter from its name to create a distinctive and memorable design. Examples worth mentioning include IBM and NASA.

Iconic/Symbolic Logo: These logos include a straightforward, recognizable picture or symbol that stands in for the company. Examples include Twitter’s bird icon and Apple’s Apple logo.

Logo Design Company in Mohali

Combination Mark Logo: In this style of logo, a wordmark or lettermark is combined with an additional symbol or icon. It enables brand identification to be strengthened through both the name and the symbol. For instance, Adidas and Burger King.

Illustrative Logo: We include a graphic depiction of your company’s goods, services, or sector to create an illustrative logo that makes it crystal apparent what your business does. These logos convey the company’s primary products through images or symbols.

Graphic Logo: A graphic logo consists of a visual element, frequently an abstraction, that is connected to the operations or sector of your business. It employs forms, curves, and lines rather than necessarily portraying a realistic image to communicate concepts or ideas.

How We Work At Core Tech IT Services Mohali

At Core Tech IT Services, we understand that you need more innovation and better results for your business. We will help you with it through our cutting edge technology and strategies tailored to enhance your current scope of opportunities. To get a brief about how we work, read below:

Describe your need

We undertake the scenario of what you need, like your vision, brand, values, and more. We initiate specialized designs according to your requirements.

Explain your concept

We will initiate logo designing after you will describe your project and related details. Thereafter, our team will start doing market research and identify your competitors so that you can stand out from the competition.

Choose your design package

All our products offer multiple design packages that include features like web designing, printing, motion graphics, and more. You can choose the package that suits you.

Get your desired design

Just in two to three days, you will get your logo design. First, we will show you the design mock-up, and once you like it, we will hand over the design to you. We are always up for feedback so that you get the design according to you.

Conclusion :

Get the best logo designs from Core Tech IT Services. Our firm has 7+ years of experience in designing and crafting logos. We create a memorable visual identity for your brand. It will help you to stand out from the crowd and establish your identity. We use tools and techniques that resonate with your business.

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