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We don’t just throw products at influencers and hope for the best. Our influencer marketing strategy is built on collaboration and clear objectives to achieve real, measurable success. Let influencers be your brand advocates.

What is Instagram Influencer Marketing?

Earlier the instagram influencer marketing is the arena for celebrities because it was limited to them. Now, the scenario is completely different and this an era, which has given rise to everyone. These followers may have different sizes but they pack a punch. They will help you with authentic followers, connections, generating trust, and fostering engagement while endorsing your products and services.  

Thus, technological progress has amplified or redefined the digital creators and influencers market, resulting in a scope for navigation for brands. Core Tech IT Services is a top instagram influencer marketing agency Mohali, helping you to build trust among the community in accordance with your products and services.

What Is Different About Instagram Influencer Marketing?

Although the business for influencer marketing was valued at $16.4 billion in 2022, it is projected that the worldwide market for influencer marketing platforms would grow to $84.89 billion by 2028.

The question that arises at this point is: why Instagram? Why not any other social media network, like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or any other? They work as well for influencer marketing, don’t they? In actuality, none of these other sites come close to matching Instagram, even if they might be helpful for influencer marketing initiatives.

Instagram has 2 billion active users each month, making it a great tool for marketers to connect with their target market. Despite having a smaller user population than Facebook, this audience is far more engaged, which makes it a more powerful medium for marketers to spread their message. Instagram has the greatest engagement rate when compared to other social media platforms, according to our analysis over a million influencer accounts on top influencer marketing platforms.

The fact that items are featured in 65% of the best-performing Instagram photos is another intriguing statistic. This reveals a lot about the way users of the network react to sponsored content. Interacting with postings that feature product endorsements from other users, or influencers, doesn’t seem to be problematic for the audience. This is especially true in Instagram’s most popular genres. For instance, 25% of brand interactions on Instagram are related to fashion. Thus, our Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency Mohali will help you to grow throughout the different social media channels.

Core Tech IT Services is an instagram influencer marketing, that will help you with several benefits like: 

Wrapping it up: The blog has given aspects of why you should choose instagram influencer marketing and how Core Tech Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency Mohali helps you in your growth. You might be thinking about what will be the cost of this process, for your convenience we would like to tell you that it comes under the cost-effective building. We are in a relationship with different types of influencers and will connect you to those who fall in your budget. Thus, don’t compromise on your end-to-end creative direction. 

Elevate your brand’s growth with Core Tech IT Services.